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Our Friendly Staff

Veterinairans: Dr Richard Gowan,   Dr Amy LingardDr Sally CogginsDr Keshe Chow,  Dr Carolyn O'Brien
Nurses:   Georgia PuttockJessie Scholes, Gosia Anderst, Jaime Pearson, Melissa Mathieson
Junior Support Staff:, Lene Moerch,



Dr Richard Gowan

BVSc(Hons) MACVSc(Feline Medicine) CMAVA

Feline Veterinarian

Richard graduated from the University of Queensland Veterinary School in 1998. Shortly after graduating, he gained a position at the Creek Road Cat Clinic, Australia’s largest cat-only hospital and at the time, the home of Australia’s only Kidney transplant unit for cats. Over 5 years, he had the fantastic opportunity to work in a team of cat-loving Vets and nurses under the tutelage of Dr. Vic Menrath, Australia's first Feline Specialist.

He regularly presents lectures on feline medicine at Veterinary conferences and is actively involved in continuing eduction in all areas of feline health and medicine. He is President and a founding member of the Australian Society of Feline Medicine. Richard is actively involved in advancing the Veterinary profession and has served on various committees within the Australian Veterinary Association over the last 14 years.

His aim at The Cat Clinic is to provide high quality compassionate care exclusively for cats, as well as providing the most up to date and optimal choices for your cat’s health. Richard consults closely with Specialists in all aspects of Veterinary Medicine and surgery. Richard has a particular interest in renal medicine, ultrasonography and geriatric feline medicine. His real passion is long term pain & osteoarthritis management in cats, having authored two papers regarding long-term pain control as well as authoring a text book chapter, as well as lecturing around Australia and internationally.

Richard & Amy have four cats: Harper a talkative fat Tonkinese, Soy a mischievous sock eating Tonkinese, Stella a lively lithe tabby oriental and their most recent addition Stirling a brilliant little Russian Blue (THE BEST CAT IN THE WORLD). In his spare time, you might find him kayaking on the Yarra River, chasing a small white ball around a golf course or in any café that serves great coffee.

Richard's professional qualifications and post-graduate training include:

Stirling & Stella



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Dr Amy Lingard

BVSc(Hons) FACVSc(Feline Medicine)

Specialist Feline Veterinarian

Amy graduated from the University of Queensland Veterinary School in 2001. After spending a year at a busy small animal hospital and emergency centre in Melbourne, she decided to pursue her passion for feline medicine and returned to Brisbane to work at the Creek Road Cat Clinic (where she first met Richard). Here she had the pleasure of working alongside Dr Vic Menrath (the first Feline Specialist in Australia) & Dr Marcus Gunew, 2 of Australia’s foremost feline veterinarians.

Amy commenced a Feline Medicine Residency at the University of Sydney Valentine Charlton Cat Centre in 2005 under the guidance of Dr Vanessa Barrs and Dr Julia Beatty, both renowned Feline Medicine Specialists. During her time at the University of Sydney Veterinary Centre, Amy completed a two-year Fellowship training program and accepted the position of Feline Medicine Registrar. Having completed her training, Amy moved to Melbourne to work with her partner Richard Gowan at The Cat Clinic Prahran.

Amy attained Membership of the Feline Chapter of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 2006 and then passed her Fellowship exams in 2010 and became Victoria's second Registered Feline Specialist. She has presented at many veterinary scientific conferences and published several articles in peer-reviewed feline medicine journals. Her main area of interest is feline digestive health, intestinal and pancreatic disorders.

Amy is lucky enough to share her life with 4 cats (and Richard of course). Stella, Stirling, Soy and Harper.

Amy’s professional qualifications and post-graduate training include:





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Dr. Sally Coggins

BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS (Feline Medicine)

Feline Veterinarian

Sally graduated from the University of Sydney in 2007 and spent her first two years in practice working at busy small animal practice in Canberra.  Having always adored cats, Sally began to focus on this passion in 2009, completing a distance education course in Feline Medicine.

She looks forward to furthering her knowledge of cats. Sally successfully attained her memberships to the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Feline Medicine in 2012. She has also completed a year long distance education course on feline medicine.

Sally loves all aspects of feline practices and in addition to advancing her medicine skills, she also holds particular interests in feline surgery and dentistry. Sally has one golden child… Mr Fox.  Fox was a stray abandoned kitten that Sally acquired from her first job.  Fox is a very cheeky and inquisitive kitty, with a particular infatuation for taps and mobile phone chargers. Edie is the the most recent addition toSally and Toby's household, a loveable little tortie girl

When she’s not working or studying, Sally enjoys playing soccer, practising yoga, shopping and coffee. Sally's fiancee Toby is also a Vet and works as a race horse Veterinarian in Melbourne.

Sally’s professional qualifications and post-graduate training include:



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Dr. Keshe Chow

BVSc MVetClinStud MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine)

Feline Veterinarian 

Keshe graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2006. Despite never having any cats growing up, she had two part time jobs as a cattery attendant during her studies, which eventually made her a die-hard cat loving convert!

Keshe spent two years working in small animal practice in Melbourne following graduation. She then spent 2009 overseas, where she worked and travelled in the UK and Europe with her partner Lachlan, who is also a vet. At the end of 2009, Keshe decided to pursue her passion for cats and relocated back to Sydney to complete an internship and feline medicine residency at the University of Sydney (the same program that Amy completed in 2005).

Having completed the residency in early 2013, Keshe has now relocated back to her home turf of Melbourne, and is excited to work in another cat-only practice! She is interested in all aspects of feline medicine. She is currently involved in research into feline hyperthyroidism and aiming to graduate from a Masters program this year. She has three cats of her own, Esme and Achtung (both moggies) and Wasabi (a rescued Ragdoll).

In her spare time, Keshe likes to travel, scuba dive, and in rainy weather loves to read a good book on the couch with her cats. She is looking forward to spending time getting to know the clients and patients at the cat clinic, and is planning on eventually sitting fellowship examinations to gain her specialist qualifications in feline medicine.

Keshe’s professional qualifications and post-graduate training include:




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Dr. Carolyn O’Brien

BVSc (Hons) MVetClinStud, FACVS (Feline Medicine)

Specialist Feline Veterinarian

Carolyn graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1994 and worked in private practice both in Melbourne and the UK for the first five years of her veterinary career. She developed a keen interest in feline medicine after obtaining two beautiful Burmese kittens, Murphy and Kits (who are now 15 years old!). She obtained membership of the Feline Medicine Chapter of the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 1999.

Carolyn gained a residency training program at the University of Sydney in 2000. She concurrently completed a Masters degree in in the epidemiology and treatment of fungal infections (specifically Cryptococcus) in cats and dogs. After her residency, Carolyn stayed on as Senior Registrar in Internal Medicine. Having successfully gained her fellowship qualification in Feline Medicine, she commenced specialist practice in Melbourne, from the Veterinary Referral Hospital in Hallam and then as a Senior Registrar in Small Animal Medicine at the University of Melbourne Veterinary Clinic and Hospital.

In 2005 she teamed up with Richard Gowan to establish the Cat Clinic and over the subsequent years has acted in a support role for the practice as it has grown. In 2007 Carolyn was involved in setting up a veterinary distance education course in Feline Medicine via the University of Sydney, which is now the largest of its kind and draws participants from around the world. She is still actively involved in teaching this course.

Over the past 10 years, Carolyn has also written or co-written numerous papers and textbook chapters, as well as presented at local and international conferences. She is a member of the International Society for Feline Medicine, the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian Society of Microbiology and the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases. She and Richard Gowan are also on the foundation committee of the newly formed Australasian Society of Feline Medicine.

Carolyn commenced a PhD project investigating mycobacterial infections in a variety of domestic and wild animals in 2008. Around the same time she had her first child Billy, and 15 months later had a daughter, Annabel. Carolyn is still working towards her PhD and loves being a busy mum, but is delighted to be able to spend some time back in clinical practice with the team at the Cat Clinic.

Keshe’s professional qualifications and post-graduate training include:

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Nursing Team

Georgia Puttock

Senior Vet Nurse

Practice Co-ordinator

Georgia’s love of cats began in the cradle, which she happily shared with a cranky adopted black & white domestic named ‘Meowchic’. Growing up with the surname “Katz”, cemented what became an obsession of sorts.

After years of working in fashion and restaurants, Georgia began volunteering with the cats at the ‘Save-a-dog scheme’ and realised that working with animals (specifically cats) was what she was meant to do with her life. After bringing her cats to the Cat Clinic for three years, her persistence paid off with a job as a veterinary nurse. She has completed both Certificate II and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Georgia has four feline children with her husband Tobie: ‘Rupert’ and ‘Bellatrix’ the beautiful Ragdolls, ‘Ari’ a lovely sooky, lilac Burmese and ‘Bert’ a thieving, monkey-like Singapura.

In her spare time Georgia loves to shop, read and devise new ways of convincing Tobie to let her add to their family. (4 is enough now Georgia).





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Jessie Scholes

Senior Vet Nurse

Jessie's love of animals has always been apparent to anyone who knows her and in the past shared her home with 9 kittens and their mother. Having found homes for all but one of them she kept a beautiful tabby boy ‘Louie’. Jess first brought her family cat ‘Hati’ to the clinic in 2005.

In 2007 she started as a cattery attendant and soon became an invaluable member of the nursing team. She adopted a beautiful little Burmese girl called ‘Eva’ and then decided one Burmese was not enough and adopted ‘Ruby’ a lovely & "special" little girl.

In her spare time Jess enjoys pilates, reading and seeing films and is very excited to be expecting a child in 2014 with her partner Rod.




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Gosia Anderst

Senior Vet Nurse

Gosia moved to Melbourne all the way from Perth to fulfil her dream of working in a cat-only practice. She had been working as a veterinary nurse for five years in small animal practice prior to joining our team.  Gosia has completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

She lives with her beautiful domestic long hair ‘Jezebel’ and has recently adopted her family’s cat ‘Kasia’ (who has also re-located from Perth), a fifteen year old domestic short hair tortoishell girl. Unfortunately Jezabel the 6 year old DMH calico isn’t too impressed with the new addition to the family. Hopefully they will get used to each other eventually.

In her spare time Gosia loves going camping, reading, watching movies and listening to music



Jaime Pearson

Senior Vet Nurse

Jaime joined the Cat Clinic team in 2013 after having worked in a large Melbourne animal shelter for 6 years. She has attained here certificate IV in Veterinary nursing. Jaime did work placement at The Cat Clinic several years ago as part of here clinical placement training. She made such a great impression on our staff, that when a position opened up at the practice, we offered her a position.

At home, she lives with her husband Scott and five fur children, FIVE cats - Mankie, Biggles, Hank, Maynard and Muppet.

Their dog Geoffrey, had to go and live with Jaime's mum, as the cats weren’t a huge fan of his! He still comes to the city to visit though, when the cats are locked away.

When not at home or work, she will either be at the beach, watching a band or out with friends.


She is very much looking forward to meeting many of you and your fur children at the clinic.

Macintosh HD:Users:jaimepearson:Desktop:IMG_0752.JPG

Mankie, Biggles, Hank, Maynard & Muppet.

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Melissa Mathieson

Vet nurse

Melissa started at The Cat Clinic just after it opened in 2005. She absolutely loves cats and shares her life with two rescue cats, ‘Isobelle’ and ‘Dimity’, as well as her husband, Damien.

 Melissa also does an amazing job helping foster homeless cats and kittens until they can find new owners.

Melissa has a keen interest in feline behaviour and has a first class honours degree in animal behaviour. As a result Melissa works hard to ensure she had a special bond with each and every cat she comes across.

Melissa attained her Certificate II in nursing and is currently studying for her advanced certification - so that she can further contribute to the treatment, love and TLC of our patients and boarding cats.





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Support Staff

Lene Moerch

Cattery Attendant & Trainee nurse

Animals have always been a big passion of mine, cats especially. When I was little my mum would never let me own a cat, so i used to borrow the neighbours cat and bring him into my bedroom when mum was at work and pretend that the cat was mine. This is something she still doesnt know today!
From a very young age I dreamed of being a vet, as a friend and I played rescue rangers on rollerblades, cruising the neighbourhood to rescue dogs who had run away and bring them back home.

As an adult, I left my home in Norway to go traveling around europe, south america and asia, which is where I met my fiance. I moved to Australia in 2004 and studied animation for four years and during this time I got my first cat (finally) Bellatrix. When Bellatrix was a kitten she became very ill and this is what first brought me to the Cat Clinic.  The specialist skills and loving nature of the staff at the cat clinic brought Bellatrix back home to me and that in when I knew that this was the place I needed to work.

Unfortunately Bellatrix past away when we moved in to our new house in wheelers hill in 2010, due to being hit by a car. But I now own two cats Marbles and Rambo and a crazy boxer puppy named Hunter.

Marbles & Rambo






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